Song of the Soul

hospice, South Africa

Cathe Kobacker, Janet Parrott




Former Soweto Hospice
South Africa

Song of the Soul, 40 minute documentary
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Directors statement

Review by Charles J. Greenberg, Yale University


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In this documentary film, we meet extraordinary South Africans who are providing hospice and palliative care that prevents and relieves suffering for the terminally ill and, in the process, gives new life to communities and a nation.  Through their words and their work, South African hospice patients and care givers teach us much about creativity and humanity.

This film is about end-of-life being integrated into life. 
This film is about care.
This film is about hope.


“I think the difference between here [South Africa] and hospice in the United States is . . .the essence of hospice here in South Africa, it is truly holistic care. . . . In the United States we have allowed ourselves to be put into a box by our reimbursement mechanism. . . . [In South Africa], the hospice certainly defines the community and the community certainly defines their hospice.”

Pat Gibbons, R.N.
Beacon Place at Hospice & Palliative Care Greensboro, North Carolina